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Here are things I think are cool, straight from the favorites list on my browser.

This page will never be complete, and as of now, I have not yet begun to add my juiciest links. Check back for more and more goodness.

Folder 1: Synaptic Collusion

- chock full of them things that mentally turn me on for any which miscellaneous reason.

Folder 1.1: Inward Spiral

- things 'supernatural' or oracular. New Agey stuff.

Yijing Dao--A beautiful website dedicated to the study of the I Ching, my favorite oracle. His writings are full of love and poetry.
The Lucidity Institute--I was really into lucid dreaming for a while. Still am, though it's not as big a point with me anymore.
Crystalinks--The site design is pretty hokey, but if you were Ever, At Any Time interested in things mystical, magical, supernatural, or mythological, this site has enough information to keep you enthralled for ages. Really, it has dubious but thought-provoking info and stories on anything and everything. Even if you're not into oddities, the cool factoids are enough to make the website worth a look. She also has a great diary.
Biomind Superpowers--found this on an I'm-Feeling-Lucky Google search for 'superpowers'. There's a lot about Remote Viewing on this website. Scroll to the bottom for the table of contents. Halfway hippie crackpot, halfway cutting edge research--dubious, just the way I like 'em.
Kheper--like Crystalinks, with a slightly different focus (or rather, with a focus). Info dedicated to evolution and transformation, physical, mental, spiritual.

Folder 1.2: Pi in the Sky

- things related to math, origami, and astronomy.

Ophiuchus info--the 13th sign in the Zodiac. Astronomers love referring to Ophiuchus as the reason why astrology is bunk. I like it as what it is, with its own foundation myths. Ophiuchus (pronounced oh-FIE-uh-kuhs) rocks my world.
Sprott's Fractal Gallery--You can see the visual maps of fractal equations. Has a new fractal every day. Fractal music on the index page--it may sound weird at first (well, it will continue sounding weird), but let it play through, it's amazing. Yes, you are hearing a mathematical equation.
Paul Bourke's Fractals Page--the most comprehensive and best quality gallery of every type of fractal image you could want to see. From 2-dimensional chaos mapping to 4-dimensional Quaternion Julia (an inspiration for my pottery).
Joseph Wu's Origami--an AMAZING artist. For god's sake, check out his work, it is stunning. He also shows crease patterns of his work, so you can see the underlying geometry of the form. Jaw-dropping.

Folder 1.3: Talking Horses

- ask the experts

Ask A Scientist--speaks for itself.
Elder Wisdom Circle--an awesome idea. I mean, ask your own elders first, yeah, but nothing beats asking old people for advice. They've been through it, yeah? Hindsight is 20/20, and they've got way more hindsight than us (me) young'uns!

Folder 1.4: Transmental

- sites for the excitement of the thoughts and the senses. Kind of where I put everything interesting that is otherwise unclassifiable. You can spend A LOT of time on some of these.

Hell.com--no link because for various reasons you need to type it into your browser. I won't explain it--I walked in blind and that was the best way. Get on the guest list and be patient.
Dream 7--the dreaming of the internet. Very bizarre.
1000 Ridiculous Tragedies--an online magazine for highly untraditional writing that makes your soul twist and shout. The site is currently kind of locked, for reasons that you may read at the link. But I found the backdoor. You can read the archives here.
Dragonfly Star Chart in the House of Laudanum--One of the most beautiful interfaces I've seen. Very much non-linear, mysterious, post-modern art, text, and sound. Some titles: "Through my blind cyborg eyes I see deafly". "(humble underminded) psychic rumble".
Fusion Anomaly--Like Crystalinks, but way more hip (and covers more, if you can believe it). A HUGE body of knowledge that is extensively cross-referenced and hyperlinked. It references ideas, people, groups, places, animals, myths, music, literature, movies, herbs, and foods. Like a cyberpunk alt-culture pagan encyclopedia. You can go directly from Honey to Gilgamesh to Youth to Resonance to Noosphere. They really like techno music.
Island 8081--An incredibly beautiful project whose aim is to create an immersive, navigable, non-linear net environment. You can wander around The Wood, the Palm Grove, the Beach; it's hard to describe, but it's certainly a living experience.


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